Apple releases a funny ad about the privacy of your health data

Apple has uploaded a new video ad, about 90 seconds long, to the company’s official YouTube channel.

The ad doesn’t show any Apple-made products until near the end of the ad, although it’s pretty clear where the ad is going.

The idea is as simple as it is close and, at the same time, frightening for many people today, because everyone knows thatOur phones and apps are aware of all kinds of sensitive personal information.


That includes health data such as daily step counts, sleep quality, menstrual cycle tracking, and yes, various diseases and conditions, which Apple claims to keep secret “by design”.

Apple protects health privacy in a number of ways, including “minimizing” the amount of data iOS sends to the company’s servers, processing it on the device, giving users complete transparency and control over what is shared. , where and how and last but not least, encrypting all health and fitness information collected from iPhones and Apple Watches on your devices.

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