Home Science Apple pulls its advertising in X after Musk’s controversial comment about Jews

Apple pulls its advertising in X after Musk’s controversial comment about Jews

Apple pulls its advertising in X after Musk's controversial comment about Jews

The technology giant Manzana will suspend his Advertising on social networks (formerly Twitter) and joined similar decisions by other companies and institutions following a controversial comment from its owner. Elon Musk, about Jewish communities, Axios media reported this Friday. Companies like IBM or Lionsgate and institutions like the European Commission have decided in the last few hours to stop advertising Support a message with allusions to a Conspiracy theory about Jews which was condemned by the White House on Friday as anti-Semitic and racist.

But Apple isn’t the only one. This Friday the entertainment giant Disney also joined the companies who have paused their campaigns on the platform. Likewise, the networks Comcast and NBCUniversal as well as the studios Paramount and Warner Bros. Discovery, which own the television channel CNN, have stopped advertising on the social network.

According to Axios, the decision comes from Apple, one of the largest advertisers iPhone manufacturer ad positioning close to “right-wing extremist” content, according to a recent report. Musk responded on Wednesday to a user’s post on the social media site that said: “Jewish communities have propagated exactly the kind of dialectical hatred against white people that they supposedly want people to stop using against them.” apply.”

The user’s message also alluded to a conspiracy theory supported by Jews. the arrival of the non-white population in Western countries; Theory supported by the man who attacked a synagogue in Pittsburgh in 2018, killing 11 people. “You told the honest truth,” Musk replied to this user. On Thursday, a day after the comment, the progressive-oriented NGO published Media Matters for America published an article saying that advertising from major brands like Apple, Bravo, Oracle, Xfinity and IBM You’ve seen yourself around “pro-Nazi” news stories about X. MuskIn a message on his social network after the article was published, he said that Media Matters was “an evil organization.”

In parallel, a group of 164 “Jewish leaders,” including rabbis, artists and academics of “various ideologies,” released a statement denouncing “anti-Semitism in X,” accusing Musk of “spreading it” and demanding that these major Companies should stop financing it. IBM subsequently announced that it was suspending its advertising “while it investigates this completely unacceptable situation,” and Lionsgate told the media through a spokesperson that it was also withdrawing them.

The European Commission asked its services this Friday to stop their advertising campaigns amid the uproar caused by Musk’s interaction, said Linda Yaccarino, top manager of

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