Apple publishes its most dramatic Apple Watch ad with real audio from Emergencies

It’s one thing to hear that the Apple Watch managed to help three people escape situations that could have ended their lives, and another thing is listen to your real calls to the Emergency service.

Apple created a 60-second TV ad that makes your hair stand on end because three Apple Watch Series 7 users face critical situations and turn to Apple Watch for help

The video starts with the sound of an emergency operator asking “What is your emergency?”

Amanda replies that she had a traffic accident and her car overturned. Even worse, water is getting into the vehicle and it can’t get out. We then move on to the second incident, in which a standing oarsman named Jason is pushed out to sea by a strong wind.

The third and final situation is that of Jim, a farmer who fell into a 20-foot hole, broke his leg and couldn’t get out.

What the three had in common was the Apple Watch Series 7 on their wrist.


FOR AmandaIn the car that overturned, they asked if she could blow out the window to escape being drowned by the rising water. The operator tells him to try to keep talking to her. She says the water is rising and has hit her neck.

Jason, who is being blown away by the wind, says he is too far out in the ocean and that he can no longer fight the wind. jim, the farmer, tells 911 that he can’t access his phone and that he’s talking on his Apple Watch. He asks the operator to run to his rescue because it hurts too much.

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Soon, Jason, being pushed into the sea, sees the help sent by the Emergency Service. Amanda, in the car that is filling with water, he reports that rescue services are opening his car door.

As the screen dims, Apple writes: “With the help of your watch, Jason, Jim and Amanda were rescued within minutes.”

And Apple keeps saying on YouTube: “These are just three of the many amazing stories where people got help using the Apple Watch.”

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