Apple prepares to completely change the iPad Pro in 2024

In 2022, the new version of iPad Pro had a silent launch. It should be said that the small improvements made do not justify great pomp and circumstance either.

But it seems that in 2024 Apple will significantly change its tablet, giving it a new processor, a new design and even an OLED screen.

iPad Pro, in 2024, will have an OLED screen and M3 processor

Apple iPad Pro
Currently, in Portugal, the iPad Pro is available for a price starting at 1,079 euros Cré[email protected]

In October 2022, Apple released a new version of the iPad Pro. It all happened through a very low-key and quiet launch. The Cupertino company limited itself to making press releases available announcing the new equipment.

In truth, the small improvements made to the tablet did not justify an iPhone 14-style event. But it seems that in 2024, the situation could change drastically.

According to Mark Gurman, a journalist for the Bloomberg news agency, it will be at that time when Apple presents a significantly better variant of its top-of-the-range tablet.

The well-known journalist advances that the model will have the right to a new design and an OLED screen, something highly anticipated by users. More: this variant will also integrate good news inside: the new M3 processor.

As if that were not enough, Ross Young, known for providing information about Apple, says that also in 2024, the iPad will gain a larger 13-inch screen. He recalls that the tablet currently has a 12.9-inch variant available.

This update may seem minor, but for users of this type of equipment, changing a small millimeter on the screen can make all the difference.

iPad Pro with 14-inch screen

But Apple has plans to produce an iPad with a larger screen, but specifically a 14-inch one. The information comes through Ross Young, who also adds that the model should be presented in 2023, but that it will have been postponed.

Mark Gurman has also stated that Apple wants to market its Pro tablet with larger-inch screens, but it may still take a while to do so.

All because the panel type is not yet defined. The options on the table are LCD, mini LED and OLED.

This is a very important factor. The type of panel chosen can determine the final sale price to the public and, consequently, the type of users to whom it is intended.

For example, a 14-inch mini LED or OLED screen will significantly increase the price of the tablet and, therefore, it will be a device aimed at a target audience with purchasing power and more demanding usage needs.

An iPad Pro with a 14-inch LCD screen will be a more affordable model. Some rumors suggest that this product may come with a more centralized focus on home connectivity.

The information gains some strength if we take into account that this is an area in which Apple is increasingly interested in being present. Another point in favor of this 14-inch LCD screen, due to its lower price, may be a product that encourages users to make this investment, even if they do not need a tablet.

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