Apple prepares the latest Mac still with an Intel processor

It was in mid-2020 that Apple announced a revolution for its Mac computers. With the launch of the M1, the American company also launched into the development of its own processors that would replace other similar ones from Intel in its computers.

The transition to Apple Silicon should be completed in 2022, however new rumors suggest that this will not happen. This is because it is advanced that Apple will release a latest version of Mac Pro with Intel processors.

Mac Pro 2022 will have an Intel processor version

The new rumor indicates that Apple is preparing the presentation of two Mac Pros in 2022. One of them will be a complete remodel of this working machine, with a new design and an Apple Silicon processor.

Mac Pro

However, there will be another version of Mac Pro equipped with an Intel Xeon Scalable processor. This template will inherit the design of the template currently on the market, so we will only have an update of its components.

According to Intel, the processor for this version of Mac Pro features “advanced performance, security, efficiency, and built-in AI acceleration to handle IoT workloads and more powerful AI.”

Another reason that could lead Apple to choose to launch a Mac Pro with an Intel processor has to do with application emulation. Since Apple Silicon processors have a different architecture, the company implemented the Rosetta 2 emulator to convert applications to its newer processors.

For most users, this process has no visible downsides to their work. However, Apple will be somewhat concerned that emulation could compromise the tasks of the most demanding professionals, so it will continue to offer an option from Intel for the most suspicious.

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As for the redesigned Mac Pro, it will launch with a new design. In addition, it will feature a variant of the M1 Max processor with 32 high-performance cores and 128 graphics cores.

Nothing reported here has been made official by Apple, so we have to wait for the product to be released to be sure. In fact, add a pinch of salt to this information.

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