Apple prepares subscription service for us to rent the iPhone 14

For now it is a mere possibility, but it could materialize next September. In fact, this year the Cupertino giant may present a new subscription service that will basically allow us to rent a smartphone. Apple iPhone 14.

At the end of the subscription/rental period of the mobile phone, it will have to be returned to Apple, just like a lease of the iPhone, but in the end we did not get the product. That is, ownership of the product is never really the user’s.

Subscription service may allow to rent Apple iPhone 14

Apple iPhone 13

In a few years, Apple stopped depending almost exclusively on the sale of products to become a provider of services such as iCloud for storage, Apple Music for transmissionApple TV, among other services.

In view of the above, we now have the new report advanced by the Bloomberg to report on Apple’s work in developing a new subscription program for the iPhone. The service will be similar to iCloud and Apple Music subscription, but focused on the iPhone.

More specifically, it would be a monthly fee charged for the use of the product, which will be launched in 2023 and will include the next generation of Apple smartphones, the iPhone 14. Keep in mind, however, that for now it is only a hypothesis (although plausible). ).

Apple already offers the upgrade program in several countries

Inside Apple’s plan to let you subscribe to your iPhone instead of buying it. @markgurman it says @emilychangtv on his Bloomberg scoop

—BloombergTV (@BloombergTV) March 25, 2022

In several markets around the world, Apple offers its Upgrade program, which allows users to pay for the new phone in 12 or 24 monthly installments and, at the same time, receive the new iPhone model each year as soon as it is released.

However, Bloomberg advances that the new program would not aim to distribute payments in 12 or 24 installments, but rather to charge a monthly amount yet to be defined. At the end of the program, the user would return the mobile device they were using.

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Note, however, that this last point also lacks confirmation, Bloomberg not being sure of the obligation to return, but pointing, yes, in that sense.

In addition to Apple with the Upgrade program, Google offers its Pixel Pass


On the other hand, the current iPhone upgrade program allows the user to keep the current device at the end of a set number of installments. That is, as soon as the reservation of ownership for Apple ceases, ownership passes to the user.

Also according to the source, this new program would be similar to the lease car, although it is not certain if, at the end of the program, ownership passes to the user or to Apple.

Finally, given the gradual increase in iPhone prices, a program with these characteristics could be very successful among consumers. At the same time, for Tim Cook’s company it would be another way to put an iPhone in the hands of consumers, as well as create a new source of passive income.

Initiative can be useful to test an iPhone before buying it from Apple

It is, however, a somewhat worrying trend if we take into account the increasingly personal nature of the smartphone as an essential object.

Even so, it may make sense for specific needs such as trips and trips abroad, or in case of breakage, breakdown or loss of our current smartphone. It could also be useful because it would allow users to test the device and its capabilities.

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