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Apple posts impressive iOS 16 adoption numbers ahead of iOS 17 reveal

As we already know, this year’s WWDC kicks off on June 5, when we’ll learn about new features in Apple’s software, namely iOS 17. But days before that event, the company released adoption figures. from iOS 16.

In fact, the figures published by Apple show that iOS 16 is present in 81% of all active iPhones. Impressive numbers, especially if we compare them with its biggest rival, Android.

iOS 16 present in 81% of active iPhones worldwide

Hitting the market in September 2022, iOS 16 has long been the most popular version of the iPhone operating system among users. Now, about to officially meet its successor, we have more updated data on its adoption.

iOS 16

The data presented by Apple shows a market share of 81% for iOS 16. 13% are still running iOS 15 on their iPhone, while there are still 6% running an older version of this operating system.

If the universe under analysis is the iPhones released in the last four years, then iOS 16 is present in 90% of these teams. Within this framework, 8% run iOS 15 and 2% an earlier version.

Although impressive, these numbers are lower than those registered by iOS 15 in the same period. In 2022, by this time, iOS 15 had already won the preference of almost 90% of active models.

Statistics published by Apple also pay attention to the iPadOS market and its popularity among users. In fact, iPadOS 16 is present in 71% of active tablets worldwide. twenty% run iPadOS 15, while 9% stay on a previous version.

As already mentioned, there are a few days left for the presentation of iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. It will be next Monday, at the end of the afternoon, that Apple makes its public presentation within the framework of WWDC 2023, with the presentation of all the news of your software.

This event promises to be marked even more by the presentation of Apple’s expected Augmented/Virtual Reality device. There is also talk of the presentation of new Mac models. In fact, there is no shortage of reasons to pay attention to the presentation of Apple.

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