Apple posts 28 new AI-related jobs in one month

So far in May, Apple has added 28 new jobs focused on Artificial Intelligence.

The company is looking for senior engineers, research scientists, special project managers and more. In general terms, the company states that wait generative AI “transforming Apple’s mobile computing platforms.”

Apple has increased AI job openings in recent weeks. While Apple is always hiring and always has a certain number of open AI positions due to the size of the company, the addition of 28 new AI openings in the last 19 days, some of them specifically mentioning “generative AI” It’s remarkable.

In total, there are currently 88 Apple jobs with the word “AI” in the title. More than 1/3 of them are new this month and 48 of them (more than half) are new in March 2023. Apple is not left out when it comes to AI.

While CEO Tim Cook, of course, hasn’t shared any specific details about what Apple is working around next-gen AI, he did say recently that generative artificial intelligence “it is certainly very interesting.” He went on to say that when it comes to technology like ChatGPT, there are “A number of issues that need to be resolved, as is being talked about in a number of different places.”

But he ended the statement with enthusiasm across the field, saying that Apple sees AI as “huge” and will continue to invest in related technologies for its products.

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