Apple: Possible release date of new AR/VR headsets revealed

After much talk and consecutively postponed releases, Apple’s AR/VR headset may finally have an official reveal date.

The latest rumors suggest that the brand’s innovative device could be presented in June, more specifically at Apple’s WWDC conference.

Apple may showcase its AR/VR headsets in June at WWDC

Apple AR/VR Headset
This year, we can finally discover Apple’s AR/VR headset [email protected]/Pixabay

Apple’s AR/VR headset has been talked about for a long time in the web world. In addition to its official presentation and market launch, it has been subject to consecutive postponements. Now a new rumor realizes that it may still be this year that we know the device.

According to the published news, Apple plans to reveal the device in June this year, during the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will take place exactly in that month.

Once again, this date is being brought forward by rumors and does not (yet) have any official confirmation from the brand. But it looks like it might even be this year that the Reality Pro, the name the headset is known by, finally hits the market.

In 2022, most market experts believed that Apple would introduce the new headphones by the end of that year and that they would hit store shelves in early 2023. But some issues related to the hardware and software of the equipment will have dictated the postponement of its launch. release to 2023.

Expected Specs on the Reality Pro Headset

However, other rumors have already advanced with some of the specifications that we can expect to see in the innovative device.

The Apple Reality pro should be powered by an M2 series processor, owned by the brand, as well as two screens with 4K VR resolution. Other sources say that it will also have “a wide range of cameras for Augmented Reality”.

There is also talk of a new operating system, xrOS, specially developed for this headset. As for the price, as usual with Apple, it will be high. Most analysts point to a cost of $3,000 or more, which in a direct currency conversion is something like $2,800.

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