Apple: physical stores may have a very welcome novelty for users

It seems that Apple is preparing to announce a novelty for its physical stores that will be very well received by users.

Soon, through the new “EasyPay Online Order”, Apple stores will be able to provide home delivery service.

Apple wants to avoid losing sales due to lack of stock

Image of a person wearing Apple Vision Pro headphones
The Vision Pro headphones may have been the driving force in providing physical Apple stores with the Credit@Apple home delivery service.

Very soon, Apple’s physical stores may have a very useful novelty for followers of the brand. According to journalist Mark Gurman, starting next August, these spaces will provide a home delivery service, through the “EasyPay Online Ordering” process.

According to the well-known journalist, this new purchase option will allow users to purchase Apple products in their physical spaces and then receive them in the comfort of their home (or office) without having to worry about transportation.

This will be a very useful service in at least two different situations. For example, the purchase of a piece of equipment of a certain size that has its own logistics for safe transport without serious consequences.

On the other hand, this type of service will also prevent Apple from losing sales due to lack of stock. Even if the equipment is temporarily unavailable, the user can purchase the terminal which will then be shipped to the address defined by the user.

It should be remembered that currently, for users to receive Apple equipment at home, they have to place their orders on online platforms.

With this change, Apple can win customers from online retailers, such as Amazon, as well as reduce the amount of equipment in stock in physical stores.

Some market specialists also advance that there may be one more reason for the implementation of this service. Vision Pro headsets will ship with various combinations of components. And having all these components available in physical stores would be a difficult challenge for Apple to face.

With this new service, the user can select all the components of his Vision Pro, which he will later receive in the comfort of his home.

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