Apple outlines the schedule for the return of Touch ID to the iPhone

Apple owns several patents that allude to the return of Touch ID technology to the iPhone. After its discontinuation in 2017 with the launch of the iPhone X, many eagerly await its return as soon as possible.

Apparently, Apple still does not give up on the return of this technology to its smartphones and already has a schedule for it. This, supposedly, defines that Touch ID will return after the launch of the first iPhone without any interruption on the screen.

Touch ID will not return to the iPhone before 2026

This schedule is revealed by the user “yeux1122” on the Korean blog Naver. Citing industry sources, he is confident that Apple still has plans to bring Touch ID back to the iPhone.

iPhone Touch ID

This is important because sources like Ming-Chi Kuo have previously claimed that Apple has backed out of that plan. Although Kuo is one of Apple’s most credible sources, hope is reborn with the statements of this Korean source.

Regarding the date of its presentation, “yeux1122” says that this will only happen after the first full-screen iPhone. Now, Ross Young predicts that this desired equipment will not hit the market before 2026.

In fact, it will still be several years before Apple can bring this desired technology back to the market. It must also be taken into account that American technology will only do so if its approach proves to be efficient and with added value.

To support these theories we have the latest Apple patent alluding to this technology presented last week. In the document, the company reveals how its approach will give the iPhone more than just a fingerprint reader.

Obviously, its main objective will be the reading and accreditation of the user’s fingerprint. Still, it will include technologies that will allow it to determine vein patterns, blood oxygenation, pulse, and the presence of gloves and moisture.

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Given the constant advance and retreat in forecasting the return of Touch ID to the iPhone, you have to be very careful with this information. There is nothing guaranteed that this technology will actually return, so let’s wait for the next few chapters.

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