Apple Music could soon be coming to PlayStation 5

This is good news for video game fans and Apple Music users who can reconcile the best of both worlds.

New leaks suggest that Apple’s music streaming service will soon be available on the PlayStation 5 console.

Apple Music appears in the PS5 menu and raises suspicions

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, video game fans have been able to enjoy their music through Spotify. But soon, the Apple Music streaming service could also be available on the latest Sony console.

The first hint of this possibility came through a Reddit account, where a photo of Apple Music appeared on the PS5 menu. According to the user of this Reddit account, HOLYWARS1990, the option appeared after a new account was created, which he tried to link to Spotify.

User HOLYWARS1990 continued the process and claims that he was unable to access Apple Music. That same process came to an end with an error message saying that the app could only be used on PS4. This is very possibly a standard error message, as the PS4 is also not compatible with Apple Music.

The well-known video game site Eurogamer was also able to see the Apple Music option on the PS5. In this case, you did this by creating a new account in the United States of America. However, it also does not access Apple’s music streaming service through the console.

These two attempts seem to indicate that Apple and Sony may be working together to surprise users of the console and streaming services. In fact, the two tech giants have recently worked together to make an Apple TV + promo available to PlayStation 5 owners.

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It should also be remembered that Samsung’s smart TVs already offer support for Apple Music, which shows that the Cupertino company may be betting on making its music streaming service available on different platforms.

Will Apple Music support on PlayStation 5 be a new feature unveiled at Apple’s next event scheduled for Monday, October 18?

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