Apple Music: Collaborative playlists feature postponed to 2024

We expected iOS 17.2 to deliver the expected functionality Collaborative playlists. However, Apple removed all references to this feature in the final beta prior to releasing the candidate version of this system.

The iOS 17.2 RC (Release Candidate) release notes revealed that Apple Music’s most anticipated feature, Collaborative Playlists, is actually It has been postponed to 2024.

As the name indicates, This feature allows you to invite someone to collaborate on a playlist in Apple Music. In this list, you can see who added each song and share the lists with other collaborators via a link or QR code.

Although this feature worked properly for some users, Apple may have encountered issues that led the company to delay this release until 2024. However, iOS 17.2 brings some new features to Apple Music, including:

  • List of favorite songs: Allows you to quickly return to tracks marked as favorites.
  • Watch history: It can be disabled in Focus mode so that the music you listen to doesn’t appear in Recently Played or influence your recommendations.

In addition to the Collaborative Playlists feature in Apple Music, users can also respond to songs their friends have added to a playlist, and vice versa. We hope to see this feature incorporated into a future iOS 17.3 beta.

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