Apple Music Classical comes to the iPad: a music experience on the big screen

With the introduction of Apple Music Classical on iPad, the world of classical music has taken a step forward.

This addition offers users an improved experience and expands exclusive features that allow you to fully realize the full potential of classical music on this device.


A new experience comes to the iPad

The adaptation of Apple Music Classical to iPad brings a number of features specifically designed to improve the user experience:

1. Two column view

  • Browse the repertoire: Easily discover composers’ repertoires or different versions of a work thanks to the two-column view.
  • Simple comparison: The multi-column view makes it easy to compare different versions of a piece, with a play button for each version, speeding up musical exploration.

2. Simplified navigation and query

  • Bigger screen, more information: iPad’s larger screen makes it easier to browse metadata, artist and composer biographies, and work descriptions without interrupting music playback.
  • View in optimized playback: View metadata and relevant information along with album art and playback controls on the same screen.

3. Accessibility

  • Larger amount of visible music: Enjoy longer results lists in portrait format.
  • Quick access to folders: The sidebar provides instant access to all music library folders with a simple tap.
  • Better Vertical Viewing: Larger album art for an optimized vertical playback experience.
  • Accessible playlists: Direct access to playlists from the sidebar.


A unique experience for classical music fans

Apple Music Classical is an application that offers musicians and fans an unparalleled music experience. With a catalog of over 5 million titles, this platform offers premium sound quality and the opportunity to rediscover the classics with spatial audio.

Users can delve into composer biographies, work details, and expertly curated lists. Since its launch, this free app has been number one in the App Store and marked a historic week for classical music, reaching the charts of more than 140 countries in just two days.

Apple Music Classical’s collaboration with internationally renowned companies such as the Berlin Philharmonic, the Metropolitan Opera and the Vienna Philharmonic ensures the availability of exclusive recordings for users and further enriches the music experience.

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