An iOS developer showed how Apple Music “kicks” its competitor Spotify from the iOS dock by reinstalling the app, and even shared a video showing how it happens.

While it seems that Apple favors Apple Music over Spotify, in reality, as this developer admits, this is true of any app that ranks fourth in the dock.

When an iPhone is first set up, it comes with a set of pre-installed appsand four of them are automatically docked.

Apple gives users the ability to remove default apps like Apple Music if they don’t use them. If a user wants to reinstall the app later, apps are available on the App Store.



However, apps tend to try to install to a preconfigured location, especially default apps. Since the Apple Music app comes pre-installed in the rightmost docking position, it will always be installed there, regardless of which app is present.

Third-party apps try to reinstall themselves in previously used locations on the home screen, but never on the dock.

manzana says that the behavior is an error and that they will investigate it.


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