Apple May Release New Processors With Incredible 40 Processing Cores

A new report published by The Information reflects on the future of Apple Silicon processors. Looking ahead to the next two generations of these components, we have some interesting information about the future of the Mac.

Apple’s goal will be to launch new “M” line processors that can reach an incredible 40 processing cores. However, that milestone will only be reached two generations from now with TSMC’s 3-nanometer lithography.

3nm TSMC lithography will do miracles for Apple processors

As previously reported in reference to the iPhone 14, it is unlikely that TSMC will have 3 nanometer technology ready by the end of 2022. Therefore, neither Apple’s upcoming smartphones nor its computers will be able to benefit from the advances inherent in this technology. next. year.

Apple M1

Therefore, only in 2023 will the Asian semiconductor manufacturer be able to fully supply components developed in 3 nanometer lithography. One of these components will be Apple’s third-generation “M” processors.

Thanks to this development process, an eventual M3 could reach 40 processing cores. If confirmed, this would be an excellent candidate to integrate the next generation of Mac Pro.

The new Mac Pro may arrive in 2022 with the successor to the M1 Max

However, the source notes that the next Mac Pro will be released as a successor to the M1 Max consisting of two matrices. Something that is in line with their predictions for the second generation of this component, possibly the M2.

Also according to information from The Information, any M2 would be launched under the 5-nanometer lithographic process. This means a possible launch in 2022 with a maximum of 20 processing cores.

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It is important to remember that the M1 Pro and M1 Max are comprised of 10 processing cores and already offer well above average performance. Something that leaves us salivating for what its successors will be able to offer in the coming years.

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