Apple may launch Lite version of AirPods Pro headphones in 2021

Apple has already proven that the wearable market is highly profitable and the launch of the AirPods Max shows that there is a high demand for the brand’s headphones. In some countries, inventories are below expectations by the Cupertino company.

So it is quite reasonable for Apple to expand its bet on the wireless headset market in 2021. According to the latest rumors, the company is preparing to launch a Lite version of the current AirPods Pro.

Apparently, the company now wants to serve the public that liked the design of the Pro headphones, but has a slightly tighter budget. Therefore, to offer a “competitive price”, Apple must cut noise cancellation in the Lite version.

The lite version of the Pro headphones was designed to cater to audiences who liked the new format.

As much as Apple does not usually speak out on this type of issue, sources in the market say that the launch of AirPods Pro Lite should happen sometime in the first half of 2021.

That’s because Apple is developing a new SiP with the H1 chip. The intention is to simplify the component so that it is cheaper and can deliver good audio quality. For now, mass production has not yet started.

Anyway, Apple is already in the quality check phase. That is, the manufacture of the new headphones may begin in January 2021, and the presentation may take place after the month of March.

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