Apple may launch iPhone “rental” program with annual renewal

According to BloombergApple is working on a hardware subscription service that would allow you to use their products in exchange for a monthly fee.

This program would be different from the monthly payment program, which allows payment in 24x. In this program, the device is yours as soon as you pay for it in full.

Apple’s new subscription service won’t work like that, as the phone will never be yours, but you will have the right to use it as long as you pay the fee. It would therefore be something similar to an iPhone as a service.

Therefore, expect monthly installments to be lower when compared to what carriers and Apple currently charge for proprietary programs. The report adds that users will be able to switch phones when a new one is released.

This would generate recurring sales for the company and help to further reduce the influence of operators, as apparently Apple itself will operate this program, through the App Store or iCloud.

At the same time, it would also make Apple’s products more accessible to consumers who can’t prepay for devices.

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