OLED screens are a reality that can be extended to the entire line of current iPhones. It is a technology released by Apple only in the iPhone X, and that only in the iPhone 12 has it been put in all models. But on your tablets it doesn’t.

Aside from the M1-powered iPad Pro, which came with mini LED screens, Apple’s tablets feature LCD screens. But this is a practice that could change as early as 2024, according to ETNews.

LG’s OLED screen could come to Apple’s iPad in 2024

This source advances that LG Display will expand its factory in Paju, South Korea. Small and medium-sized OLED panels are part of the company’s plans, which expects to double its production by 2024.

At that time, this production can be used mainly for Apple’s new smartphone and tablet panels. And the arrival of OLED panels on the iPad is a new business opportunity for LG.

As MacRumors pointed out, it all comes down to a matter of size and screen-to-body ratio. This is because LG’s rivals in OLED panel production have struggled to produce larger OLED panels.

It is good to keep in mind that LG is not the only candidate manufacturer to produce the OLED screens of the future iPad. The Chinese company BOE Technology is also an option for the production of this component.

It is recalled that OLED panels may arrive on the iPad as early as 2023. But since LG will only have a mass production of this component in 2024, it may delay the introduction of it in the iPad for a year.


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