Apple Maps releases news in Europe, be careful with Google Maps!

The Cupertino technology company has spent several years trying to compete with Google by creating a navigation service as competent as its rival Google Maps. However, there is still a great gap that separates them, despite the apple maps be an increasingly better option for users of iPhone and other Apple devices.

We already have indications of a fair amount of news on its way to Apple Maps and debuting in Europe. Functions that, also complying with what we already have in the rival service, have some notable optimizations.

They are perfect, for example, for those who use public transport a lot in various European capitals.

Apple wants to surpass Google Maps with new functions for its Maps

Apple MapsGoogle Maps

The news comes this time first to Europe. More specifically to a total of 6 European nations, among which are the following countries:

  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Austria

It should be noted that the features in question were already being tested in the United States of America since 2018. However, they are only now really reaching the other side of the Atlantic, already available to users in the mentioned countries.

New features include useful functions for traveling on public transport

Apple Maps Europe

Navigation features include the latest generation of guides created by Apple for its Maps service, namely:

  • Navigation with instructions in native language
  • Lane assist/transit line
  • Location of traffic lights and speed limits
  • Route planning with multiple stops
  • Ability to share estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Signaling of dangers such as accidents
  • Charging points for electric vehicles

For example, with navigation with native language instructions, we have support for voice commands and instructions more familiar to users in Europe.

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We also have something very useful in my opinion, the ability to share the estimated time of arrival with our contacts. In this way, they will be able to know if we are late or not.

Regional Connector stations now appear on Apple Maps!

— Nationalize (Railway) Nick (@nickSTREETZ) April 5, 2023

As for those who use public transport a lot, something that does not raise doubts in several European capitals, we also have great improvements.

Whether it’s the ability to find the closest stations to our location, select and highlight favorite lines, or receive notifications when it’s time to get off at a stop.

In addition to all this, Cupertino technology fixed they have also improved the privacy of their browsing service.

We also have 3D display enhancements for Apple Maps

The changes and innovations introduced in the navigation service also promise to greatly improve the experience of using and viewing maps and content. For example, with the Look Around feature we have a 3D rendering based on street photos with more details on iconic landmarks.

However, for the moment the new 3D Look Around is only available in Austria, although Apple has already guaranteed its wide availability for the next few months.

Finally, we also have the 3D Flyover mode that will also give us a renewed view of the main points of interest in a given location. Now, it remains to wait for this news to also reach Portugal and the respective iOS users.

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