Apple is the leader in this market and collects 60% of the total profits

The smartwatch market continues to register good sales, despite having already felt a drop in the last quarter due to inflation.

But Apple is still the clear leader in this segment. By the way, the Cupertino company collects no less than 60% of the total profits.

Apple takes 60% of the total benefits of the smartwatch market

Apple Watch SE
Strong demand for Apple Watch Ultra, Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE fueled the smartphone [email protected]

In 2022, the smartwatch market registered significant growth, with global sales increasing by around 12%, compared to the previous year. But inflation has also been felt in this segment which, in the last quarter, had a slight drop of 2%.

However, Apple remains oblivious to these fluctuations and only has reason to celebrate the success of its line of portable devices. According to the consulting firm Counterpoint, the Cupertino company continues to be the undisputed leader in the segment, with 34.1% of global sales of wearables.

Experts say that the brand achieves this result thanks to the strong demand for its latest models, Watch Ultra, Watch Series 8 and also Watch SE, which launched in the fall of 2022.

In second place is its rival Samsung, which also saw a 12% increase in global sales and now has a 9.8% market share.

Closing out the top 3 is Huawei, which currently has a 6.7% market share. This is good news for the Chinese brand, which has changed its strategy for the global market, focusing its efforts on its line of wearables and PCs. It should be remembered that due to the sanctions it points to, Huawei is prevented from using certain technology in its smartphones, for example.

Another of the data revealed by Counterpoint is that the cheapest models, with an approximate price of 100 euros, will be responsible for 35% of global sales of wearables in 2022.

But the segment of smartwatches above 350 euros experienced a significant increase in sales, something around 129% year-on-year. On this specific point, experts believe that Apple is the one that will have boosted the segment with strong demand for its higher-priced Watch Series 8 and Watch Ultra models.

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