Apple is developing a new version of the Mac mini computer with M1X

Apple will develop a new generation Mac mini computer equipped with the M1X processor, the same chip that has been indicated for MacBook Pro notebook computers. This thesis was again reinforced by Bloomberg and journalist Mark Gurman.

In addition to the new processor, the next generation of Mac mini can also adopt a new design, a thesis that was already advanced last May, as we announced in 4gnews, by the hand of filter Jon Prosser. Your images illustrate this article.

A new generation of Apple Mac mini computers is coming

Suggested appearance for the next Apple Mac mini. Credit: Jon prosser

According to available information, the new version will have “an updated design with more ports and connections than the current model.” Likewise, it will also have the new M1X processor to be developed by Apple, which should be presented “in the coming months.”

By the way, it should be noted that the general appearance – design – of Mac mini computers has not undergone significant changes since 2010. Therefore, not only a change in appearance is expected but has also been requested by some Apple fans.

It will bring a new design as well as the Apple M1X processor

Apple Mac mini
Suggested appearance for the next Apple Mac mini. Credit: Jon prosser

The information is advanced mainly by two publications dedicated to apple, 9to5Mac and MacRumors. They both collect information from sources like Newsletter Bloomberg Reporter Mark Gurman and Jon Prosser’s Testimony.

Apparently, the new generation of compact computers will be aimed at those who need a powerful machine. So it will be the Mac mini of purchase for those who edit videos and photos on a regular basis and want a small computer.

The right software for the new Mac mini is the latest version of the operating system, macOS Monterey. This version will reach all Apple users with an eligible computer in mid-September.

By the way, we remember the news of macOS Monterey, with all the details and highlights of Apple.

Suitable for those who need a more powerful compact computer

Apple Mac Mini M1X
Suggested appearance for the next Apple Mac mini. Credit: Jon prosser

Also, according to the information now available, the new model should be more expensive than the current Mac mini. And therefore Apple should keep the current Mac mini model, equipped with the M1 processor, more restrained.

In this way, consumers could buy not only the most capable model, with the M1X processor, but also keep a more affordable model. If so, the Mac mini with M1 would be the cheapest in their catalog.

These new generation computers may have a magnetic input for the power cord. In addition, they will have up to four USB 4 / Thunderbolt 3 ports, as well as two USB-A, Ethernet, in addition to the HDMI port.

Apple may continue to sell Mac mini with M1

Apple Mac mini M1X
Suggested appearance for the next Apple Mac mini. Credit: Jon prosser

In addition, in addition to the new Mac mini with M1X, Apple will also be able to present new models of the MacBook Pro, also with the M1X processor. This thesis is advanced by Apple subject matter expert Mark Gurman.

For the next high-end notebooks a revision of the 14 and 16-inch models is expected, in which the new processor will be the biggest novelty. However, we also have improvements to the laptop screen, as well as a reduction in its weight.

Apple’s transition to its own processors, with its own Apple Silicon technology and architecture, was one of the biggest changes in recent years. The change catapulted Apple into the world of computers and brought its first high-end processor to not just the iMac, but the iPad Pro as well.

Finally, the presentation of the new computers can take place next September, although traditionally Apple usually presents the latest information technologies during the month of October at its own event.

On a last note, currently Mac mini models cost from € 819.00 in the official online store of Portugal.

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