Apple: iPhone could hit impressive sales this Christmas

Even with longer than usual standby times, the iPhone 13 has been one of the most desired smartphones on the market. And analysts predict it will be at full steam for Apple.

Apple could reach 80 million iPhones sold this quarter

According to analysts at Wedbush, during this holiday quarter, Apple could sell more than 80 million units of iPhones. All this even with stock problems.

AppleInsider had access to the investor note written by analyst Daniel Ives. There, it states that the length of delivery times for the iPhone 13 Pro indicates that demand exceeds supply by approximately 15%.

iphone 13 pro

“Despite the chip shortage and the Rubik’s Cube logistics that Apple (and all other technologies, cars, and suppliers) deal with, we see tremendous demand trends in both the US and China for the iPhone. 13, which is a positive sign that Apple may sell 80 million iPhone units this quarter with the Pro versions in the spotlight, “says Ives.

Between Black Friday and Christmas, Apple could sell 40 million iPhones

Between Black Friday and Christmas it takes about a month. During this period, the analyst believes that Apple can break all its records and reach 40 million iPhone units sold.

In China alone there are 15 million users who will buy the latest iPhone 13. Which could be a sign that Apple will start 2022 with a big smile in this region of the world.

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