Apple iPhone 15 without a physical SIM card will also arrive in Europe

It was last year that Apple released a version of the iPhone 14 without a physical SIM card tray. This version was only available in the United States, but with the launch of the iPhone 15, this decision will also extend to Europe.

The thesis is advanced by the French publication iGeneration citing sources linked to the industry. According to that report, the “iPhone 15 and 15 Pro may also launch without a physical SIM card in France.”

Apple iPhone 15 without physical SIM card will arrive at least in France

The French country will thus be one of the first European markets to receive versions of the new iPhone 15 only with support for eSIM technology. It remains to be seen if Apple will apply the same option in other countries of the Old Continent.

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Judging by the company’s usual options, the main markets of the European Union receive the same version of their smartphones. That is, if the iPhone 15 arrives in France without a physical SIM card, it is very likely that the same will happen in Portugal.

In that case, iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro buyers will only rely on eSIM technology to manage their mobile network connectivity. This means that they will not be able to migrate the physical card from their current iPhone to the new model.

It is important to remember that the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro available in Europe already have eSIM. This is available in dual-SIM mode, meaning you can have one physical main card, but if you want a second number, it will have to be an eSIM.

This change also implies that operators make this technology available to their customers. This means that they will have to redouble their efforts to offer this technology in the different markets covered by the measure.

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In recent years we have seen an effort from the different operators to strengthen their eSIM offer. With more and more technological products opting for this route, it is necessary to develop structures and services that can support and accompany the change.

The main telecommunications operators operating in Portugal already offer eSIM to their customers. Indeed, if this change occurs, you will only have to consult your operator to find out what you need to migrate your contact number.

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