Apple iPhone 15 surprises in first high-quality images

The range of smartphones Apple iPhone 15 it will be officially presented next September 2023 if nothing unexpected happens. It should be noted that, as a rule, it is during the autumn event of the Cupertino giant that new iOS smartphones are officially presented.

However, as is also usual, we have several information leaks that give us the first clues about the team, leaving us previews, for example, of the titanium structure of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro, but there is more.

By the way, we have those who can be the first. renders closer to the truth, courtesy of publication 9to5Mac.

These could be the first images of the Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 rendering 4gnews

Apparently, the Apple iPhone 15 range will again have four phone models, the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and, finally, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max. There is also the possibility of an Ultra model being revealed.

Familiar layout but with some optimizations for upcoming iPhones

However, the design that we see here is very similar to that of the current generation, the iPhone 14. However, we immediately notice some changes in the structure of the phone, especially in the edges that, despite remaining straight, now seem to have a rounder contour and sweat.

Apple iPhone 15 rendering 4gnews

Pay attention, then, to the main camera of the Pro models. Apparently, in the Pro model, or perhaps only in the iPhone 15 Pro Max model, we will have a new system that will reduce the protrusion, the hump of the cameras that they are more discreet.

Photography will continue to be the differentiating factor of the Pro models

In addition, according to previous rumors, this top model will have a new sensor for capturing images. Something capable of capturing more light and reducing the exposure time even when the light is scarce in night photography situations, for example.

Apple iPhone 15

In light of the above, it quickly becomes apparent that image quality and that of the respective cameras will be the vector of differentiation for the Pro models. At the same time, Apple should continue to widen the gap and split between entry-level and entry-level models. more expensive to attract more consumers to the latter.

The USB type C port is another novelty of the Apple iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15

Present on all four (or five) Apple iPhone models will now be a USB Type-C port, with no restrictions on charging or data transfer speeds. It will undoubtedly be the biggest functional change in Apple smartphones in recent years and I believe that it will bring frank news and improvements to users.

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However, higher charging speeds may be limited to USB-C cables that are approved, or rather, certified by Apple, citing security reasons for this.

Price increase not ruled out…

Our best look yet at the iPhone 15 Pro! Do you like the design? Stunning renders of @ianzelbo

— Apple Hub (@theapplehub) April 7, 2023

Although, frankly, it’s too early to even consider the final retail sales figures, previous rumors assume that prices will go up until 2023. These increases will also apply in Apple’s home market, the United States of America.

On the other hand, we may have a new type of touch control to replace the current notification switch on the iPhone. That is, we will have a more discreet button in front of the physical switch that we are used to in the different previous models.

Apple iPhone 15

Finally, the margins or bevels of the iPhone 15 should now be reduced to just 1.55mm. Also, the glass will have a slight curvature, even though it appears to be mostly flat.

On one last note, it is important to remember, however, that this material images, these digital representations were not provided by Apple, so naturally we cannot assess their veracity.

This is the rumored iPhone 15 Pro. – Rounded-finish titanium edges – Haptic volume and mute buttons – The thinnest bezels of any smartphone (1.55mm) – New periscope lens for the Pro Max model The camera is gets bigger and bigger. This time, it’s THICC.…

— Adam (@ durreadan01) April 7, 2023

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