Apple iPhone 15 Pro will be even more expensive in 2023

Next September, the new line of Apple smartphones will be announced, once again made up of four devices. The most powerful will obviously be the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 15 Ultra, equipped with the best that the company offers.

However, this power will be even more exclusive in the fall of 2023, according to a new rumor spread on the Weibo social network. Everything indicates that Apple will further increase the sale prices of these models premium.

iPhone 15 Pro will rise even more in price

For the second consecutive year it is speculated that Apple will raise the sale price of its new smartphones. In 2022, this thesis was confirmed in Europe, but in the United States the prices remained unchanged compared to the iPhone 13.

Apple iPhone 15

The new rumor that we announce today invokes a new price increase, even in the USA. If all this is true, the iPhone 15 Pro will easily cross the $1000 barrier even in your home market.

It should be noted that the source does not refer to the iPhone 15 and a possible increase in its retail prices. Despite new additions like Dynamic Island and the 48 MP main camera, the values ​​may remain unchanged.

Apple wants to further differentiate the iPhone 15 from the iPhone 15 Pro

The reason for this price increase in the iPhone 15 Pro has to do precisely with its less capable brothers. More specifically, the timid reception by the market to the iPhone 14.

In 2023, Apple will want to widen the price range between the iPhone 15 and its Pro peers. American tech seems to believe that a larger gap between these two ranges will motivate more consumers to opt for the base models.

This possibility was previously raised by other, more credible sources associated with Apple’s intentions. Specifically, given the sales disaster of the iPhone 14 Plus, Apple could increase the price of the iPhone 15 Pro to encourage the purchase of other models.

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It is still too early to make any convictions about the prices of the next Apple smartphones. For now, we advise you to look at these data with some caution and wait for more information.

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