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Apple iPhone 14 Pro: the two novelties that will make me buy the iOS smartphone

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: the two novelties that will make me buy the iOS smartphone

the next generation of iOS smartphones It will arrive in September 2022 if Apple decides to maintain its usual calendar of presentations of its iPhone.

There, among other novelties, we will know the smartphone Apple iPhone 14 with new cameras and other news that could make me opt for the new Apple products.

Photography and video will, in fact, be two of the priorities of the Pro models, as in current and previous generations of this iconic product. So by 2022 we may have one of the biggest camera upgrades ever with a new 48MP sensor for this model.

The Apple iPhone 14 generation should be presented in September 2022

If this iPhone 14 Pro design change turns out to be true, along with some bigger changes to the phone’s overall specs, it could be a perfect reason for me to finally upgrade my iPhone 11. pic.twitter.com/TI3Mq78Qp8

— Alvin (@sondesix) January 11, 2022

This information, of an unofficial nature, is provided by the market analysis agency TrendForce, noting that the Apple iPhone 14 Pro model will use at least a 48 MP camera. We remind you that the current iPhone 13 Pro has a 12 MP triple camera. By the way, the front camera of this model also has a resolution of 12 MP.

Therefore, along with the suggested changes to the format of the notch which, finally, may be drastically reduced according to current market trends, cameras may also increase their resolution.

If this happens, it will be the third time Apple has increased the resolution of its cameras in iPhone history. Throwback to the past, we had the rise of the iPhone 4 to 4S from 5 MP to 8 MP; the rise of iPhone 6 to iPhone 6S from 8 MP to 12 MP. That is, if the history of the TrendForce is founded, it will be a remarkable moment in the history of the iPhone.

The highest resolution, from 12 MP to 48 MP, can provide 8K video recording

We now believe that Apple will have a hole + pill design on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. The smaller hole will not be invisible… The two hole concept will be exclusive to Apple, like the notch, not similar to all Huawei tablet models… Let’s see those new renders pic.twitter.com/Udt8cTKzPZ

— Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) January 12, 2022

It’s also important to note that alongside the changes to the notch, ultimately updating the front design of the product, the cameras will continue to be the focus of the biggest improvements. Something that, for this author of yours, is of great importance and will make a difference when buying.

At stake is the versatility that a smartphone provides over conventional photography solutions. This is because we cannot always carry our own camera, or the location and conditions require the adjustment time that we do not always have and that is done automatically on a smartphone.

In other words, computational photography continues to show significant improvements year after year, making mobile devices good substitutes for compact cameras.

In short, if Apple does update the notch design, reducing it to parameters comparable to those of Android smartphones and if the camera brings the aforementioned improvements, this will most likely be the year in which you buy the Apple iPhone 14 Pro.



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