Apple iPhone 13 will arrive with great news in video recording

Renowned journalist Mark Gurman, from Bloomberg, has just shared another report on what to expect from the iPhone 13. There are several new features mentioned, but the ones that captivate the most are those related to recording videos.

According to Gurmam, there will be three great innovations for video recording on the iPhone 13. The main one will be the possibility of blurring the background in video, similar to what can already be done in photographs.

“Cinematic Video” Brings Portrait Mode to Video Recording on iPhone 13

Everything indicates that Apple will call this great news of its smartphones “Cinematic Video”. Despite the pompous name, the goal is to apply the family portrait mode when recording videos on the iPhone 13.

As with photography, the feature will allow the user to apply a blur effect to the background of their video. It will be a simple and effective way to direct the user’s attention to what really matters, be it a person or an object.

In addition to this new feature, the iPhone 13 will also feature ProRes functionality. It will be of special interest to those who edit video, giving them more control when recording.

A novelty that follows the introduction of ProRAW functionality in models released in 2020. The goal remains to provide the user with more tools to personalize their content.

It is also worth noting the introduction of new filters for photographs taken with the iPhone 13. These, however, can be applied to specific elements of the image and not only to its entirety.

ProMotion displays provide a higher refresh rate and always-on display

Mark Gurman takes advantage of his recent report to make some considerations about the screens of the next iPhone 13. The journalist highlights the implementation of ProMotion screens, with a refresh rate of 120Hz, which will surely only be seen in Pro models.

It also talks about the implementation of the functionality. always-on display, echoing previous rumors from his fellow professionals. All this supported by a new processor, the Apple A15 Bionic, which will give more power to the new smartphones manufactured by the American.

Finally, to underline that the iPhone 13 generation will be an incremental evolution, and the persistence of many characteristic features of the previous generation is expected. This means that there will not be a new design, although the reduction of the notch is a major cosmetic change.

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