Apple iPad Mini 6: new design exposed in video

The end of 2021 will be very busy for Apple. In the coming months, the presentation of several products is expected, specifically a new and renewed model for the iPad Mini line.

The supposed iPad Mini 6 will be one of the most relevant of its family, finally breaking with the outdated design of Apple tablets. That is precisely the purpose of a recent video shared on Youtube.

The supposed chassis of the iPad Mini 6 exposes its novelties

The video above is short, but concise in its purpose: to reveal the design of the iPad Mini 6. The source says that this is the chassis of the next Apple tablet and comes to corroborate the significant reduction in the edges of its screen.

A change that will make the traditional home button on the front of the iPad Mini disappear. This also means the disappearance of Touch ID technology or that it will move to another location, possibly the power button.

Already in its back you can see the presence of a larger camera, following the trend that is expected to be introduced in the launch of the iPhone 13. It will only be a sensor for basic tasks.

Ipad mini
Credits: Techordo

The most curious fact that is glimpsed in this video has to do with the positioning of the volume selectors. These are on the top left of the iPad Mini, at the far end of the tablet’s power button.

This brings us to the fact that we are looking at a piece of aluminum that supposedly portrays the design of the upcoming iPad Mini 6. Therefore, it is never too cautious with this chassis, as it is not a source with a recognized track record. .

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Despite this caveat, keep in mind that what we see in this video matches previous rumors about the iPad Mini 6. A long-awaited product by fans and one that will reflect the design of the iPad Pro.

The presentation of the iPad Mini 6 could take place in September, at an event of its own. It is speculated that Apple could hold several events in the next month to introduce new products, instead of concentrating them in a single moment.

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