There is still talk of Apple’s distance with iMessage. Google recently criticized Apple for the so-called “bullying” of colors that it does in iMessage between blue (who has an iPhone) and green (who does not)

This arises because Apple does not support the Android standard (RCS) in iMessage. In case you did not know, this is the standard created to improve SMS, and that brings the functionalities of services such as WhatsApp closer to classic messages.

In essence, that’s what iMessage does, but among Apple users. Google is not asking Apple to make iMessage available for Android, but does ask “to support the industry standard for modern messaging in iMessage, just as it supports SMS and MMS.”

We are not asking Apple to make iMessage available on Android. We ask Apple to support the Industry Standard for Modern Messaging (RCS) in iMessage, just like the older SMS / MMS standards do.

– Hiroshi Lockheimer (@lockheimer) January 10, 2022

This request was revealed by Google Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer on Twitter. This is because in iMessage you can only send SMS to Android users, but you get all the benefits of RCS if you send something to iPhone users with iMessage enabled.

A recent study of Wall street journal revealed that this small difference leads many young people to feel the pressure to switch to the iPhone. This is because when they have Android they are “losing” functions of the widely used iMessage.

“Compatibility with RCS would improve the experience for iOS and Android users. That’s right, RCS will also improve the experience and privacy for iOS users. “


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