Apple iMac 2023 arrives at the end of the year with powerful M3 chip

The Cupertino giant will be preparing the launch of the long-awaited iMac 2023 in the second half of the year. This will be the true job computer capable of replacing the 27-inch mac and respective model iMac Pro released in 2017.

Such is the conviction of Mark Gurman, Bloomberg technology journalist, as expressed in the most recent chapter of his newsletter entitled Power On. For Gurman, the next iMac will only arrive when the m3 microprocessor is ready and not before.

The M3 chipset will serve as the motto for the launch of the Apple iMac 2023

apple iMac 2023

According to the journalist himself, Apple will have abandoned the idea of ​​incorporating any iteration of its M2 chips into a potentially advanced iMac, for professional use. Instead, Tim Cook’s company would have preferred to wait for the next big generational leap in his chipset department.

In other words, if you’re in the market for a new iMac, you’ll have to wait until late 2023 at best. In fact, the source believes that by the second half of the year the Cupertino technology company will have its M3 chip ready.

So yes, you will have enough arguments to present an Apple iMac 2023 as well. This will be the successor to the iMac Pro launched in 2017, then with Intel processors. It will also come as a counterpoint to the current iMac, aimed at the general public with its slim format and great diversity of colors.

Apple’s next iMac? Only when the M3 chipset is ready

apple iMac

TO fountain mentions the following in the latest edition of their digital newsletter:

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“I haven’t seen any indication of a new iMac until the generation of M3 chipsets is soon. It will end by the end of this year, or at the latest during the second half of next year. So, if you want an iMac, you’ll have to wait a while.” little more”.

The last update to iMac computers came in April 2021 with the company’s own M1 chipset. They are commonplace in stores with their wide variety of colors and their extremely thin form factor, perhaps too thin for an advanced computer.

However, so far consumers are waiting for a new model capable of meeting the needs of a large screen computer, capable of replacing the current 27-inch model.

Still, for anyone looking for a bigger, more powerful, and capable iMac, we recommend a little more patience. Finally, the M3 processor will be manufactured by TSMC using 3nm lithography for higher efficiency and power.

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—Mark Gurman (@markgurman) February 12, 2023

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