Apple explains the new iPhone feature in video

Apple just announced a new feature for the iPhone. It’s called Visual Look Up and the brand even posted a video on YouTube to explain how it all works.

In practice, this functionality recognizes elements of stored images and provides more information about those same elements.

Video explains how Apple’s new Visual Look Up feature works

Good news for iPhone users. Apple just announced a new feature called Visual Look Up and even posted a video on the YouTube platform to explain the new feature to users, as well as having created a support page for the feature.

But let’s go to the details. The new Visual Look Up recognizes elements of images stored on the smartphone and provides more information about them.

The way it works is simple. In Mail, Messages, and Notes, select and hold an image. Then tap the “i” button for information; or alternatively tap Search from the options menu in Safari browser.

visual search
New Apple [email protected] Visual Search Feature

A new icon appears, for example if it is a pet the icon will be a paw or a leaf in the case of flowers. Just tap on this new icon to get more information about the selected item in the photo.

In case the new visual search function is not available for a certain image, the “i” appears on the screen with a solid circle.

According to Apple, the new feature is available for all iPhone models running iOS 15 or higher. It is also available for iPadOS 15.1 or higher, so it can also be used with the brand’s tablet.

Apple’s new feature bears similarities to competitor Alphabet’s Google Lens. But it should be noted that Google’s functionality is more complete, especially since it has the American giant’s search engine.

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