Today it is reported that the company’s new AR/VR headsets were presented to Apple’s board of directors.

Such an event suggests that the team is already at an advanced stage of development and may be a few months away from its release.

AR/VR headsets have already been submitted to Apple management

Apple AR/VR Headset
Apple’s AR/VR headset could hit the market for between $2,000 and $3,000

Apple has been working on its new AR/VR headset for some time now, which some analysts say could replace the iPhone within ten years. But it seems that the team has already reached an advanced stage in its development process.

Recent information shows that the innovative team was presented to Apple’s board of directors last week for the first time. This is a sign that the device could be a few months away from launch.

The information is advanced by Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg journalist who also adds that the operating system that accompanies the new device, called realityOS or rOS, is also in an accelerated phase of development.

According to earlier rumors, Apple intended to unveil the device at this year’s WWDC, but hardware-related difficulties, i.e. overheating issues, disrupted and delayed the company’s plans.

Various sources now suggest that Apple may reveal its headphones in one of two occasions: in September, when it introduces the new iPhone 14 series, or at a dedicated event in early 2023.

What we already know about Apple’s AR/VR headset

Apple’s new headphones are one of the most talked about devices on the web world with multiple rumors revealing what we can expect to see from the device.

The headphones are then expected to arrive equipped with micro OLED displays with 4K resolution, with eye tracking and even support for gesture recognition. All so that the user can more easily control the new device.

Other rumors suggest the integration of a powerful custom processor that will offer similar performance to Apple’s M1 series, built into MacBook laptops and iPad tablets.

To support Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, the viewer must also have up to 15 cameras spread throughout the team, in addition to integrating spatial audio. The realityOS operating system will support all embedded hardware.

For the rest, the equipment is expected to arrive at a high price on the market. Some analysts point out that the cost of the new headphones is in the range of between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars, that is, between 1,900 and 2,900 euros.


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