Good plan

Listen to your favorite music on your iPhone, iPad or MacBook with Apple AirPods Pro, currently on sale at Amazon. Wirelessly connect your headphones to all your Apple devices using its Bluetooth 5.0. AirPods Pro have a noise reduction system: activate Transparency mode for an immersive hearing experience. They do not fall and adapt to the shape of your ears thanks to their customizable design. The AirPods Pro’s microphones detect both external and internal noise in the ear: they generate noise canceling that neutralizes external sounds so that you can only hear your music. And if you tap the pressure sensor, you’ll switch to Active Noise Canceling mode: AirPods filter out outside sounds so you can chat normally with those around you. Amazon offers you a 25% promotion on Apple’s AirPods Pro wireless headphones which are priced at 208 euros instead of 279 euros.

Take advantage of the Amazon offer and order these AirPods Pro wireless earphones with over 24 hours of battery life with up to 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge. Apple AirPods Pro come with their wireless charging case that goes with you everywhere. You will also find three silicone tips of different sizes that bring comfort to your listening. These Apple headphones available at a discount on Amazon are also water and sweat resistant. The wireless earbuds even have an air inlet and outlet system that balances the pressures on both sides of the AirPods. Treat yourself to an immersive hearing experience with Apple AirPods Pro, available at a lower cost on the Amazon site.

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