Apple advises against mounting iPhones on motorcycles

Apple has warned iPhone users that exposing the device to intense vibrations, such as those from a motorcycle engine, could have negative effects on iPhones.

In particular, Apple indicates in a supporting document which can affect internal image stabilization and long-term focus systems automatic, causing a reduction in image quality.

As explained in a supporting document, High amplitude vibrations in certain frequency ranges can cause problems over time with the iPhone’s camera system.

High-powered or high-volume motorcycle engines are specifically flagged as potential threats.

Modern iPhone models feature optical image stabilization and autofocus systems to help counteract erroneous device movements, notes Apple. These mechanisms, though “They are designed to be durable”, They can be degraded by prolonged exposure to vibrations, such as those transmitted by the chassis and handlebars of a motorcycle.

Apple advises against connecting the iPhone to high-powered motorcycles and says they should be used is mounted to dampen vibrations in small displacement vehicles or electric motors, like mopeds and scooters. In the latter situation, the company states that its regular use for prolonged periods should be avoided.

According to MacRumors, some iPhone owners have complained about camera system failures due to apparent exposure to intense vibrations, but the problem does not appear to be widespread.

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