Apple: 6 novelties that can arrive in 2023

Every year, Apple’s new launch events are surrounded by a lot of expectations and rumors.

For this year 2023, new versions of equipment that are already well known to users are expected, as well as completely new devices outside the natural environment of Apple. We have gathered the 6 novelties that Apple can present this year to its legion of followers.

1. AR/VR Headset

iphone 14
In September, Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone 15 [email protected]

How could it be otherwise, we have to start with Apple’s much talked about AR/VR headset. According to the many rumors, it will be this year (finally) that we will meet this team that has been in development for seven years and that will be something totally innovative in the brand’s portfolio.

The name should be Reality Pro, at least that’s how most techies treat it. Regarding its mode of operation, the device will have a set of sensors, some of which will follow the movement of the eyes and others the movement of the hands of the users.

The device will have its own operating system, called xrOS, will be powered by the M2 processor and will have a battery life of up to two hours.

In practice and according to Mark Gurman, a journalist from the Bloomberg agency, the viewer will “realistically transform the face and entire body of the user in Virtual Reality.” This means that two headset users will be able to communicate virtually, via FaceTime, as if they were in the physical presence of each other.

2. iPhone 15

In September of this year, Apple is expected to launch the 15th generation of its iconic smartphone. It is already known that the brand will continue to differentiate the most advanced models from the base models, but it seems that this year the iPhone 15 Ultra may even have exclusive specifications.

Rumors have already advanced two features. The Ultra will apparently have a USB Type-C input with faster speeds than the other models in the series, as well as being the only one to feature a new periscope sensor with more powerful optical zoom.

Oh yeah, the other news is that the iPhone 15 Ultra will be the successor to the current iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple is expected to change the brand name of the model, following the same strategy applied to its series of smart watches.

3. Apple Watch Ultra with micro LED screen

One of the great novelties of this year in the series of smartwatches of the brand could be the introduction of a micro LED screen. But beware, this will be a unique feature of the most advanced model: the Watch Ultra.

This is because the production of this component is quite expensive and, consequently, the final sale price of this equipment to the public increases.

The great advantage of this screen is that it will be able to provide greater brightness -a crucial feature when used outdoors for a good display of content- while consuming less energy.

4. A17 Bionic Processor

In the iPhone 15 series, only the most advanced models, that is, Ultra and Pro, will be entitled to one of the great novelties: the new A17 Bionic processor.

The expectation is high, since this chip will be based on the new 3nm process, and it may even be the first of its kind to hit the market. We are talking about a processor that will provide superior performance and excellent energy efficiency.

5. Universal USB integration in iPhone series

This year, Apple will finally integrate the long-awaited universal USB port into its line of iPhones. At least, the variants that are available in Europe must already display this attribute, to comply with the legislation that will come into force in 2024.

But still, Apple will make a difference. As we have already mentioned, only the iPhone 15 Ultra should have faster transfer speeds. Base models, for example, may have their speeds limited to USB 2.0…

6. Solid state buttons

Several rumors are advancing that the most advanced models of the new iPhone 15 series will dispense with physical buttons and go to Solid State ones.

This means that the smartphone models will also be equipped with a Taptic Engine that will provide tactile feedback to users whenever they use these virtual buttons.

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