Appla will launch the most desired iPad Pro only in 2024

There has long been talk of introducing OLED panels to Apple’s iPad Pro lineup. This is one of the most frequent requests from users of this range of tablets and it will be one of its greatest developments, if confirmed.

The wait for these models seems endless, but now we know when to expect them in stores. According to analyst Ross Young, the long-awaited iPad Pro with an OLED screen will arrive in 2024.

Apple prepares two iPad Pro with OLED screen for 2024

There are several new features in the most recent report published by Ross Young. First of all, this discredits the rumors that indicated the launch of this product as early as 2023.

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Having clarified this issue, it should be noted that Apple is developing two models with an OLED screen. Strictly speaking, a model with an 11.1-inch screen and another with a 13-inch screen will be presented.

We are facing two screen sizes that we cannot find in Apple’s current high-end offer in the tablet market. Therefore, it is speculated that there may be physical changes to these devices.

First, these new panels are expected to further reduce your margins. It will be difficult for us to reach the ratios that we find in many smartphones, because the margins that we find in tablets also serve to hold them.

Second, new screen sizes may mean a new device form factor. In other words, this could be one of the most significant updates to the iPad Pro range in recent years.

In addition to a new screen and possibly a new body, Apple will not stop updating the internal components of these iPad Pro. Therefore, it is expected to include the most powerful processors available to the company on the launch date of these products.

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Since the last update to the iPad Pro line took place last October, it is possible that they will be updated again in 2024. Therefore, the models that motivate this article may well represent Apple’s next release in this niche market.

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