Reinildo Mandava will be in the derby. The Appeal Committee has considered Atlético’s appeal, has invalidated the card that the Mozambican saw in Bilbao and Simeone has the player again to reinforce the defense against Real Madrid. Good news two days before the appointment. Mario Hermoso, for his part, will have to serve a sanction for five yellow cards.

The Appeal resolution agrees with the rojiblanco club, which alleged that, after seeing several television shots, Reinildo did not touch Iñaki Williams in the action that cost him the yellow card. The Committee states: “In the present case there is a manifest material error (of course, patent) alleged by the appellant club, since it is incompatible (its compatibility is not merely doubtful, which would be insufficient) what can be seen in the images with what reflected in the minutes: there is no contact between the sanctioned player and the rival or any other action by the first player that allows us to appreciate the downing mentioned in the minutes”. And he adds that: “Being clear the non-existence of demolition, it becomes irrelevant if it occurred recklessly”, alluding to the fact that Mateu explained in the minutes that the card was for “recklessly knock down an opponent in the dispute for the ball”.


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