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Appeal from French parliamentarians for the repatriation of 200 children from Syria

175 French parliamentarians, mostly from the left but also from the majority, called on Monday, in a forum in Le Monde, to “immediately repatriate” 200 French children and their mothers, “arbitrarily detained” in camps in northeastern Syria . “In the Roj and Al-Hol camps in northeastern Syria, two hundred French children and their mothers have been arbitrarily detained for more than two years,” indicate the signatories, deputies, senators or MEPs.

“The unworthy sanitary conditions in which these children are kept have long been informed by many observers and NGOs”, they continue. They call on France “in the name of the humanitarian imperative (…) to immediately repatriate French children victims of inhuman and degrading treatment, who perish in Syrian camps”.

Security and moral imperative

“These children are innocent: they did not choose to go to Syria, to be born in a war zone or in these camps. They are victims, whom France abandons by making them pay for the choice of their parents: letting these children perish in these camps is unworthy of our rule of law and contrary to our international commitments ”, write the signatories of the platform.

They also call on France “in the name of the security imperative (…) to organize the repatriation of French women detained in the Roj and Al-Hol camps and already prosecuted in France”.

The platform is signed by the presidents of political groups (Patrick Kanner, boss of PS senators, André Chassaigne, boss of Communist deputies, or Guillaume Gontard, leader of environmental senators), by the PS First Secretary Olivier Faure, the candidate presidential ecologist Yannick Jadot, several elected La France rebellious including Eric Coquerel, LREM deputies (Guillaume Gouffier-Cha, Naïma Moutchou…) or even LR deputy Philippe Gosselin.

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