App Store no longer supports these devices

The Apple application store has been updated to version 5.14 which brings news for all users.

But pay attention because from now on the App Store is no longer compatible with devices with the iOS 13 operating system.

As of now, the App Store only works with iOS 14 or higher

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The latest update to the App Store brings with it new features that will be of great use to iOS users. But sadly, not for all Apple device users. All because, as of now, the App Store is no longer compatible with devices with iOS 13.

This means that only users of iOS 14 or higher can access the Apple App Store and consequently the new features that update 5.14 brings.

With this latest update, the App Store now allows the user to save an item from the store to a list, which will then be visible in the section of new saved items. But better: at a later stage, if the user wishes, they can share that list of saved items with an expert from an online or physical store.

And once the process of that list of saved items is complete, the user also receives suggestions for other items, depending on their interests.

On the other hand, with this update, the description of all the products is also available in audio. This means that if users cannot see certain content on the device screen, they can hear its description.

These are very useful functions for most users, since they will not only allow you to save the items of greatest interest on the Apple account page, but will also facilitate their purchase.

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As for the audio description of the products, this will be beneficial especially for users with visual difficulties, although a voice describing an item can be more interesting than scrolling and reading a full set of specifications and / or features.

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