Apoorva Tatini’s Bajimat, the drama became trending within two days

Apoorba Manee is a hit television drama. Although the star who became popular on the small screen is currently less focused on dramas. Spend a lot of time on OTT content. Of course, the drama has stalled a bit due to all the surprises and constraints of the film and OTT.

But two days ago, a play called “Pathe Holo Deri” was released on YouTube. The acting prince Ziaul Farooq Apurba and the young actress Tatini played the two main roles in the play.
This hour and a half special project, written and directed by Zakaria Soukhin, was released on CMV’s YouTube channel on December 24th. Since its release, it has been trending on YouTube for the past two days.
The number of views was over 50 lakhs. The audience and the critical response are bigger than that.

The play’s two-day comment section on YouTube and critics’ Facebook posts prove that the play will be recognized as the best work of the year. It must be said that Tatini, one of the young actresses of that time, acted opposite Apoorva in the play.

There is also Manoj Pramanik and Salha Khanam Nadia.

The entire shooting of the play took place in the Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar region. As a result, “Beautiful Bangladesh” was seen throughout the play beyond the story. What everyone suspected in the trailer.

Regarding the play, director Zakaria Soukhin said: “We want to do a joint project at the end of the year.”

As mind means, most of the time you have to think about the needs or views of the audience. But this time we are many people who have come together to realize our own project. this is usI am the artist and producer. The three parties did the work together. And with the amount of effort we put into making it happen, I don’t think there’s any drama left.”

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It must be said that “Pathe Holo Deri” is the third and final work of the “Closeup Romantic Drama Festival” under the banner of CMV. Previously, Mizanur Rahman Ariyan’s ‘Hadaye Hriday’ was released on November 30 and Prabir Roy Chowdhury’s ‘Bhalobasi Siyt’ on December 7 as part of the same festival. Both dramas enjoyed great popularity. And in the third and final act, Apurba-Tatini set the festival on fire.

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