Aplazame launches a guide with recommendations for managing personal finances

put me offthe platform of instant installment payments at WiZink’s online and offline point of sale, has reinforced its principle of Responsible Credit in the relationship with users and has produced a manual with recommendations to guide them, within the model Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), in the correct planning of your personal finances.

The objective proposed by Aplazame with this initiative, which will have visibility on the company’s corporate website and will be evident in all its interactions with users, is avoid or minimize unwanted situations related to your personal finances that can become detrimental to their economies.

Aplazame offers a financing service at the point of sale to more than 700,000 users in one of the 1,800 businesses in Spain that currently work with its platform.

“At Aplazame we are aware of the importance that Financial Education has in today’s society, as it provides citizens with knowledge and tools to make key decisions, and smoothly, in the different areas of their daily lives” underlines Carlos Pérez, Head of Aplazame.

For this reason, at Aplazame we guide all our operations to the principle of Responsible Credit, which translates into the application of the most rigorous regulatory and financial controls for the granting of credit, as well as providing transparency in the contracting and validity of financing. , always ensuring the interest of users and businesses associated with our payment platform“, remember.

The initiative launched by Aplazame, which is entitled “Help us change the rules of consumer credit”, focuses on a guide that includes five recommendations so that users can function with peace of mind when managing their finances. These five principles are: think about purchasing with purpose; plan fixed expenses; set limits on variable expenses; use financial management tools, and compare prices before making a purchase decision.

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By “purposeful shopping”, Aplazame understands those that are carried out with meaning, “quite the opposite of those that are carried out on impulse, without meditating on their real need”. This category would include purchases of products or services that are essential at a certain point in life, such as investing in studies or furnishing a new home, but also leisure activities or trips that provide well-being.

He also assures Aplazame that for a correct management of personal finances it is necessary to plan the monthly fixed expenses (rent, internet, telephone and other supplies) and establish a limit to the variable expenses, which must be covered with the resources that remain after covering recurring expenses.

Aplazame advises citizens to use financial management tools that can be found on the Internet to carry out planning and control of expenses, and before making a purchase decision, to carry out a search for products on the Internet and compare prices until Choose the one that best fits your budget.

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