The Anupama series is showing at its best these days. Even on TRP, the Anupama series has left all drama shows behind. An attempt has been made to show the story of a middle class family in the Anupama series. In which a daughter-in-law who is now trying to keep the family happy by becoming a daughter and on the other hand also wants to give flight to her dreams. Yes, Anupama fans will now see a new twist on the story. Where Kavya has hurt Vanraj’s heart by talking about taking the Shah family on the road. On the other hand, Anu will win Anuj’s heart by managing the Shah family once again.

In the Anupama series, Bapuji will soon realize how important it is for Anuj to enter Anupama’s life. Bapuji, that is, Hasmukh Shah will tell his daughter to Anupama that Kanha ji has sent Anuj for her. God had the hand to send Anuj alive, but Anupama would have the hand to give him a place in the heart. Anupama will be shocked after hearing all these things from Bapuji. After this, Anupama will find himself in a dilemma over what new turn to take in his life.

Vanraj will once again become old Vanraj for the happiness of the family and children. After Kavya’s exploits, Vanraj will lose faith in Kavya. It will look the same with Kavya as it used to with Anupama. Anupama fans will see the same chili masala again, but with a cute new love story. This time we will not see the love story of Samar-Nandini and Toshu-Kinjal, but the love story of Anuj and Anu. The love story that Anupama fans long awaited with spices is going to get them soon.



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