Anupama learned of Anuj Kapadia’s feelings, Kavya hatched a conspiracy to take away the Shah family’s home.

Anupama is causing quite a stir in the serial television ratings. New twists are seen every day since Anuj Kapadia’s entry into the Anupama series. Anuj, who has been in love with Anupama for 26 years, will soon be seen expressing his feelings. As soon as Anupama finds out about Anuj’s feelings, he will make a big decision. There will also be a lot of drama in the Shah family. After Anuj Kapadia’s feelings come to light, Vanraj Shah, Kavya, and Ba will be seen mocking Anupama fiercely. In the latest episode of the series, Anupama takes his new home and enters the house on Diwali. On the other hand, Kavya is trying to instigate the entire family to put Shah House in her name.

Kavya first instigated Ba against Anupama and then through her took the Anupama sign on the house papers. At the same time, Kavya has now started blackmailing Bapu ji on behalf of the daughter-in-law and her rights. In addition to blackmailing Bapuji, it will be seen in the next few episodes that Vanraj will have his sister Doli sign the house papers as well. After this, Kavya will be called Shah House. Currently, Kavya plans to take over Shah House.

Kavya wants to make Anupama’s house her home. Kavya is shown in a negative role. Kavya has nothing to do with Vanraj’s family. He only dreams of taking possession of the house and ruling it. No member of the house is able to understand this trick of Kavya. On the other hand, Vanraj is going to accept Kavya’s every word in the matter of burning with his pride and Anupama-Anuj. Kavya is brainwashing everyone in the house in a different way, dreaming of a nameplate on the front door of the house. Many twists are being seen on Anupama on Special Diwali Week. A lot of explosions can be seen in the upcoming episodes.

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