Anupam Kher Injured During ‘Vijay 69’ Filming, Actor Said – ‘Mother Said I Have Bad Eyesight’

Veteran actor Anupam Kher is one of the most talented actors in Bollywood. He has made the special identity of himself by doing many kinds of movie roles. At the same time, the actor was injured on the sets of his upcoming film ‘Vijay 69’. Anupam has given this information by sharing a photo of himself in a sling on Instagram on Monday morning.

Anupam Kher has shared a photo of himself from his Instagram. Wearing a black and white shirt and pants, the actor also wears a black sling and a ball is seen in his hand. The actor smiles as he poses for the camera.

Anupam also shared that the person who wore the sling said they had done it for Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan as well, so their pain lessened a bit. Anupam revealed in the post that his mother Dulari said that she has someone’s evil eye. Anupam wrote in the post’s caption: “You make a sports movie and you don’t get hurt! How can this happen? I had a serious shoulder injury yesterday while filming for Vijay 69.”

Anupam further wrote in the post: “There is pain, but when the brother who put the sling on the shoulder said that he also put the sling on the shoulders of Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan, then I don’t know why the pain sensation reduced a bit.” bit”. Anupam further said, “But by the way, if I cough a little hard, a little scream definitely comes out of my mouth! The attempt to smile in the photo is real! The shooting will continue after a few days.”

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The actor further wrote, “By the way, when my mother heard it, she said, ‘And showed my body to the world! They caught your eye!” I replied: “Mother! Sixteen men fall on the battlefield. How will that typhoon fall if he walks on his knees! “Mother stop slapping!” Anupam also added the hashtags: hairline fracture, I’m fine and Dulari Rocks in the post.

While reacting to this image of Anupam, Neena Gupta asked, “Hey, what did you do?” Anupam replied, “That’s what happens to great actors like you and me! Minor injuries.”

We told you that earlier this month, Anupam had announced his new movie ‘Vijay 69’. The film follows the life story of a sixty-year-old man played by Anupam who at the age of 69 decides to participate in a triathlon competition. Vijay 69 will be directed by Akshay Roy.

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