Anuel AA suspends concert due to electrical failure on the plane and his fans are enraged

A few hours before starting their concert at the Capital One Arena, in Washington DC, anuel aa He announced to his fans in that state that he would probably be performing late due to electrical failures on the plane he was about to board to reach his destination, but the show ended up being cancelled.

Although it was not possible, the Puerto Rican ragpicker hoped to find another private flight in which he could go to the capital of the United States and was willing to pay any amount of money to pay the fines and satisfy the public that was waiting for him.

“To all my fans in Washington, I want to inform you that today’s concert starts late…later than normal or it will be sadly postponed because the plane had a power problem on takeoff and the airport did not approve the plane for us to fly to Washington.” , he wrote on his Instagram stories.

Apparently this explanation of the urban singer was not valid for the people who were in the stadium, since a video circulates on social networks where they are seen booing and throwing objects on stage.

The interpreter of “Richer than yesterday” said he understood the inconvenience caused by the situation and that the news also did not go down well with him. However, he assured that it was something that could put his life and that of his work team in danger.

“It’s not my fault that the plane had a problem the same day of the concert, hours before. But whatever it is, it’s my face that gets dirty and think if the failure of the plane happens 30 minutes later, in the air, we die and then the entire tour is f*cked up and we wouldn’t even be thinking about that because I did. that he would be dead and the news would be different if that plane crashed, ”he added.

“I was also very angry and worried, sad, frustrated. My fans, I love you with my life. I tried to start the concert later by paying all the fines, but they didn’t want me in the venue because it was going to have to be a shorter concert and that’s not fair to the fans,” he continued.

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Finally, Anuel expressed that this Monday he will be reporting on the new date to perform his show in that place.

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