Home Sports Antony, the mistake that FC Barcelona regrets

Antony, the mistake that FC Barcelona regrets

Antony, the mistake that FC Barcelona regrets

If in the world of football the prize was awarded to the player who experienced the greatest progression over the course of a season, Anthony would be one of the final candidates without any doubt. The Brazilian of Ajax Amsterdam has taken a step forward in terms of importance within the team and is one of the individuals that stands out the most in the highly successful group that has formed Erik ten Hag.

Despite the fact that when he arrived from Brazil to the old continent we were already talking about one of the greatest talents in the world, the high expectations generated by the right winger have been very low for what we have seen later. A born dribbler, a very vertical footballer and an attraction for all the European giants for this coming summer.

Another unforgivable mistake

As has already happened in many other matters, the line of action of the Barcelona Soccer Club in the transfer market he has lived in constant error. Many unfortunate decisions that have been worsening the economic and sporting situation of the team, among which appears the decision not to bet on the signing of Antony before his explosion in Europe was a reality.

Antony is already one of the best footballers in the world and, how could it be otherwise, now he is one of the great goals of the FC Barcelona. At the Camp Nou they need to have numerous cracks in order to once again be that team that aspires to all the national and international titles season after season.

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