Antonio Lobato punctures Fernando Alonso’s soufflé at Aston Martin

The journalist specializing in Formula 1 has left his opinion on the campaign of the Oviedo player

Antonio Lobato is one of the voices entitled to speak about the “Great Circus”. and on this occasion he referred to What will happen to Fernando Alonso in 2024?. And the new F1 season is once again creating excitement for the fans of the two-time world champion. Many are waiting for the 33rd and with it their third title, although the prospects do not seem to be as easy as they seem.

Let’s remember this Antonio Lobato has already made it clear that Fernando Alonso cannot achieve the same performance with Aston Martin as last year. All of this comes from the first pre-season tests where, despite the good initial feelings, there was no guarantee that the British team would achieve the desired results.

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Aston Martin left more doubts than certainties in pre-season testing

Antonio Lobato has referred to the start of Aston Martin’s pre-season testing and does not predict the best for Fernando Alonso

In this way it was established that today there are more doubts than certainties in the structure of Silverstone. From the first tests carried out, the feeling remains in the air that these are two different cars. Both the man from Oviedo and Lance Stroll have shown two different versions with quite low performance.

In this order of ideas, Antonio Lobato does not predict a good 2024 for Fernando Alonso with Aston Martin. “I would say Aston Martin will soon be fourth or fifth. Alonso will not have the start to the year he had in 2023“. The journalist even dared to mention what position the team will end up in at the end of the year.

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The driver from Oviedo also didn’t have a good feeling with the car at the start of pre-season testing.

The Spanish driver himself also realized how far behind he was compared to other teams. “It sounds a little unrealistic now to think that I can make it to the podium. Last year it was a surprise, but I think this year we are not as fast here as last season“. Undoubtedly something that many fans of the two-time champion driver did not expect.

Then we have to wait and see what will happen with this movement. For now, those around Aston Martin still have expectations about what will happen in 2024. His ambassador Pedro de la Rosa also shows a rather relaxed attitude and waits for the races to start. “It’s better to promise little and give a lot.”was the sentence he said and which, despite the tests, can still cause excitement.

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