When it seemed that he was out of the possible selection lists, Antonio García once again opened the door to Spain and at 38, the Granollers winger is experiencing a second youth in a team that competes for second place in the League: it is in the hands of the platel that leads Bidasoa by one point. There are three games left, it depends on the Vallesans, who this Saturday receive a Puente Genil in the final stretch, harassed by the proximity of the descent.

– Do you already see yourself second in the League?

-What I see myself is fighting for it, which already has a lot of merit, Nobody would have thought that we could fight for the runner-up when the League started, because it is not a large squad, and because there are very young players, with two stars with a lot future, like Chema Márquez, who ended up in a big team in Europe, and like Pol Valera, a different player.

-And you no longer receive offers like most of the Spaniards who stand out in the League?

-Uy, more than ever, but unless the club plays a prank on me in the time I have left to play, I’ll retire at Granollers. I already have that clear. I’ve had enough with my years away from Spain.

-What do you have left to do in the League?

-My aspinita is never having beaten Barça. He was on a team that beat him, but I was a junior and I don’t count that victory as mine.

-Spain guarantees its League thanks to the fact that it is a quarry for foreign teams?

-I think that the solvency of the League is decreasing, that the contracts of 40,000 euros from a few years ago are now 20,000, and that is why anyone who stands out a little leaves. A few years ago you left when you had done something important; but now any player project is already packing up. It is not a good idea to train as a foreigner, but it is what it is now.

-Do you know that being second at the end of the season means winning the Puente Genil this Friday?

-We have been going out to win all the games for a long time. Because of my age, and because there are players who are twenty years older, I am the one who tells war stories, but what exists in the entire squad is the desire to do the best possible in all games.


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