Antonio Blanco resorts to Getafe CF after the veto of the Cádiz coach

Antonio Blanco resorts to Getafe CF after the veto of the Cádiz coach

The former Madridista youth squad got tired of being on the Cadista bench and sent a message of help to Quique Sánchez and the Azulón club

The midfielder and excanterano of the Real Madrid Castilla, Anthony White, He is not having a very good time in his first contacts in the first division and asks for help from the Getafe specifically. And it is that the pivot that militates under assignment in the Cadiz CF He has spent more time on the bench than on the field and prefers to return to the Merengue club branch if necessary.

But since the idea is to continue in Santander Leagueone of the closest teams and in which he has been interested is the blue painting. With Quique Sánchez in charge, Blanco’s agent wants to sign a 6-month loan contract and for his player to finish the season there. That if, with the permission of the Madridista outfit.

Antonio Blanco Getafe
Antonio Blanco arrived at Cádiz excited to get many minutes in the first division but his stay there has been a nightmare.

Antonio Blanco got tired of González’s ostracism and wants to join Getafe

In the Azulón club they have not manifested themselves before the offer that the 22-year-old midfielder is making through his representative. The problem is that Sánchez’s squad already has 6 members in the midfield, although only one of them fulfills the role of Blanco, who is the pivot.

There is no yes yet but they have not come out to rule out the possibility of signing the former Merengue squad in this winter market. What the player wants most is to leave the Cádiz club, since this season he has only played 249 minutes spread over 4 games (3 in LaLiga Santander and 1 in the Copa del Rey).

If Getafe says no, Antonio Blanco values ​​other alternatives

It is possible that the Madrid team will say no to the 22-year-old pivot due to the slight overbooking in Quique Sánchez’s squad. In this case, another of the options that the young footballer contemplates is Rayo Vallecano. It is clear that Blanco does not want to move from Madrid, and he exhausts all his cartridges to get minutes and leave Cádiz.

Another of the less favorite but also safe options is to go to LaLiga Smartbank, although Antonio Blanco himself prefers to leave it as the last alternative. In this sense, teams like Leganés are also a good option, at least for the next 6 months. What the player wants is not to lose pace to reach a higher level than the summer market and hunt a good offer.


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